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Our expertly designed cab wraps ensures your message becomes an essential part of the London experience.

How It Works

A Dazzling display

London’s black cabs aren’t just vehicles; they’re the soul of the city. Imagine your brand gracefully meandering through historic streets, capturing the attention of both locals and tourists. 

Considering the combination of residents, commuters, tourists, and pedestrians in busy areas of London, the visibility of black cabs is indeed extensive. Hundreds of thousands of people could see black cabs daily, this is your opportunity to get your brand VISIBLE.

Driver Ambassador Packages

advertising for short term events

Classic full vehicle wrap

supersides options

additional advertising to interior seat tips

complete bespoke options available

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

getting your brand in the fast lane

Wide Reach with targeted marketing

High visibility with Continuous Exposure throughout the day and night

Increased Brand Awareness, with creative & versatile advertising options

Cost-Effective Advertising with a Measurable Impact

Tailored time periods of 3, 6, 12 months to suit budget & campaigns

scheduled GPS reports so you can have full visibility of taxi data (mileage, locations, hours)

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We're delighted to have you on the Paramount Taxi Media journey. Leave your contact details below, and let's craft a masterpiece together that projects your brand onto the dynamic tapestry of London's streets!

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